Our practice is comprised of sensitive, caring professionals who will treat you with compassion and respect. Our mission is to help our clients create the positive and lasting changes that they are seeking. Let us help you to confidently and effectively address life challenges. Together we will explore emotional road-blocks and unhealthy attitudes, such as anger, fear, guilt, and blame. If you are feeling “stuck” we can help you eliminate problematic emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that have been obstructing you from moving forward. The healing process can include gaining new awareness, processing emotions, and new “meaning” construction.

We offer individual therapy as well as a cutting edge brief therapy called Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) which is used for trauma as well as many other psychological issues. To read more about Rapid Resolution Therapy please read about it under Services. For clients with trauma, we offer not just RRT, but we have a therapist who specializes in working with children with trauma by using CBT-TF (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Trauma Focused). To find out more about our therapists and what they specialize in, click on the About Us link.